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The Overmoth is a Daiju in the game it is in the Daiju pack for 2,500 Robux. It originates from a game called Cyron, which the blade ninja also owns. The game used to be much more active but it has mostly died out after the updates stopped and the new map was put in. The Overmoth is quite powerful its first special is a charge attack in which we've never seen the Overmoth move so quickly before. Its second special is it's classic tail swing. The third special is another classic in which it smashes its head into the ground. its grab is not a grab and instead it smashes its head into the ground and breaks shields. All of the Overmoth's specials have armor just like thermo godzilla. the Overmoth has ok damage but what it really steps up in is its combos it can combo into all of its moves it set up correctly. The Overmoth's ultimate is the most damaging of all the ultimates except for godzilla 2000s ultimate if your roaring while he uses it. the Overmoth's ultimate does 350 damage. the next Daiju in the pack and last is Alzaro which has its model finished. its health is 1150


Overmoth is not a g cells kaiju he is a gamepass daiju he is in the daiju gamepass which cost 2500 robux